Dig Site Battlemap w/Fantasy Grounds support – TTRPG Map




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When a local farmer was strolling through the woods and found a strange looking rock, he didn’t realize the discovery he had made. He picked it up and showed it to a few friends and word got around until finally a wizard was able to identify it as a fossilized dragon egg. Soon after a team came to excavate the area where they were able to uncover an almost entirely intact dragon skeleton! An absolutely amazing archeological discovery!

The first variation I did of this map was a night version. Perhaps the dragon’s sprit isn’t too fond of being disturbed and comes out at night. Or any other thing that might suit you.

The second variation I did of this map was to have the dig area be ruins instead of a dragon. Just switched out the middle to accommodate more story options for you 🙂

Included in this purchase:

  • 4096 x 3072 JPG map files of all 3 versions of the map both with and without grid (40×30 grid)
  • Fantasy Grounds .mod file which has all 3 versions of the map, their grid data, and line of sight data

This map uses the ‘pit’ option in Fantasy Grounds for line of sight to work properly.  If a player gets stuck in the pit you can toggle it off by clicking in the center of the dig area on the map (it will appear red to the GM) or just move them out.  🙂  If they update how pits work in FG, I will update this map!


Do these maps work with Roll20/Foundry/XXX virtual tabletop?

You can import the JPG files into any system you use to play your games online, however, if you want to use the .mod file with the grid and line of sight data you will need to use Fantasy Grounds Unity.

How do I use the .mod File?

You can find instructions here.

I like your maps!

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