Beach Battlemap w/Fantasy Grounds support – TTRPG Map




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The water is so clear on the beach that you can see your reflection in it. The clean salty breeze feels amazing on your skin and you breathe deep. You want to stretch out and relax, feel the sand between your toes. It would be a real shame if you got attacked. ?

This map has two alternate versions. The first is the night time map with this beach bathed in moonlight instead of sun. The second I call the mirage version because I wanted to try to capture the feeling of it just being so sweltering hot that nothing quite seems real.

Included in this purchase:

  • 4096 x 3072 JPG map files of all 3 version of the map both with and without grid (40×30 grid)
  • Fantasy Grounds .mod file which has all 3 version of the map, their grid data, and line of sight data


Do these maps work with Roll20/Foundry/XXX virtual tabletop?

You can import the JPG files into any system you use to play your games online, however, if you want to use the .mod file with the grid and line of sight data you will need to use Fantasy Grounds Unity.

How do I use the .mod File?

You can find instructions here.

I like your maps!

Not really a question but… you can support me on my Patreon ( and get a large library of maps (including this one) and new maps every month.

Free version on Angela Maps.