Hero Kids

Hero kids tabletop RPG for children
Hero Kids TTRPG for Children

Hero Kids Festival of Hearts

The Festival of Hearts adventure takes place around what in our world would be Valentine’s Day.  There is a big festival planned in the town, but somebody has stolen all of the cookies and treats that Mary the baker has made for the occasion.  Can the hero kids in the village track down whomever stole them and save the day?

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Hero Kids Leprechaun Chase

Leprechaun Chase adventure takes place in the springtime, around what in our world would be St. Patrick’s Day.  The library has burned down and the kids want to help replace it.  A rainbow appears just in time, and they decide to seek out  the leprechaun at the end to get his gold to help rebuild.  Along the way they encounter unexpected challenges.  Can our heroes catch the leprechaun, get the gold, and save the library?

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