Author: Angela

Four story mansion battle map for TTRPGs 0


This mansion is a beast! Three above ground floors plus a basement. Main floor: The main floor features a large ballroom, a bar/dining room to mingle, and an art display. Think of this as...


Underdark Hell Cult

The Underdark map depicts a mysterious and ominous world filled with towering mushrooms and strange symbols. At the center of the map lies a sinister circle, surrounded by devilish markings and eerie inscriptions. This...

Mechaheart mechanical heart power plant battle map for D&D and pathfinder 0


Once the heart of a giant clockwork being, this has since been repurposed by a resourceful gnome to be a power plant providing safe power to her entire village. Well, safe enough. Video Preview

Beautiful fey ruins battle map for D&D or Pathfinder 0

Emerald Ruins

Deep within the strikingly green emerald island there lies a ruin. Very few know of it’s existence and even fewer have explored the area. Not out of lack of interest, but rather the dangerous...

Narrow Street battle map for D&D and Pathfinder 0

Narrow Street

This narrow street is prefect for when you don’t want to give your players a lot of space to work with in a battle. Grid should be 15 x 20 leaving at most 2...

Volcano battle map for D&D, pathfinder, and other TTRPGs 0


This island was formed by this still active volcano. Perfect for a beach vacation, forging a magic sword, or building your bad guy lair. Alternate version is not erupting. Animated, and setup for FVTT...

Hell pit animated battle map with many variations 0

Hell Pit

Is you party trapped in this cage? Are you trying for an epic rescue. Who will rise from the lava to stop you? This map has 5 versions. Two different cages, one with no...