Welcome to Spooky Action Games

SAG is a small (one woman) TTRPG company based in Helsinki, Finland.  Have a look at what I am doing!

Battle maps

You can access 100s of battle maps on my Patreon for only €3/month  For a little more you can also get animated maps and maps setup and ready to play on Fantasy Grounds and Foundry VTT.


Weekly Maps!
  • Weekly maps (with and without grid)
  • Access to ALL previously posted maps on this tier
  • Discord access


Alt Versions & Animated Maps!
  • Everything from Trailblazer
  • ALL map variants
  • .mp4 Video maps (when applicable)
  • Access to ALL previously posted maps and mp4s on this tier and below

Big Damn Hero

Foundry VTT & Fantasy Grounds
  • Everything from Trailblazer and Adventurer 
  • Foundry VTT modules (current month & previous month)
  • 50% off code for AngelaMaps.com (archived Foundry VTT maps)
  • 30% off codes for DMsGuild.com (archived Fantasy Grounds maps

Save 16% when you subscribe for a year!

That’s like getting 2 months free 🙂


My maps are available for individual purchase on my website (jpgs, mp4s and Foundry VTT files) or DMsGuild (jpgs, Fantasy Grounds files.)  My Hero Kid’s adventures are on DriveThruRPG.